Mighty Bits – Retro Gaming Inspired Pixel Art NFT Collection

Mighty Bits

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Welcome to Mighty Bits, a pixel art NFT project that pays tribute to the original Gameboy aesthetic.  Our collection includes 512 distinctive, hand-made NFTs that were inspired by the 90s’ retro gaming era. Our main goal is to produce iconic digital art that captures the excitement and nostalgia of vintage gaming.

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Uncover the mysteries of Mighty Bits’ as you discover the magic of our NFT pixel art collection!

What are Mighty Bits?

An Ordinal Collection

A team of retro gaming fans and NFT collectors who are passionate about the distinctive design of the Gameboy established Mighty Bits. Our team of skilled designers, and artists are united by a desire to produce an original NFT collection that preserves the essence of vintage gaming.

With our distinctive collection of pixel art NFTs, we want to contribute to the development between both the gaming and NFT communities. In our opinion, NFTs have value that goes beyond their monetary value and has the ability to promote innovation, community, and the preservation of cultural legacy such as retro gaming.


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We appreciate you coming to Mighty Bits, the site where you can find one-of-a-kind, heirloom Gameboy inspired pixel art NFTs. We sincerely hope you appreciate our collection and join us in recognizing the fun and excitement of classic video games..

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